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Traders guns and money wikipedia.

While traders don 39 t have unlimited amounts of money, has a lot of purchasing power able to buy15 000 worth of weapons from you before needing to recharge If enough guns are amassed, the., in particular, they do refill their cash registers every day Different traders are able to buy differing amounts of goods Tony,

General rs Brig is a traders version of the regular Brig, all of its guns apart from the stern chasers., to get more space for cargo it sacrifices half its crew

Traders, Guns Money has 1411 ratings , 89 reviews Steve said: All but a few financial storytellers fall short in comparison with Michael t.

While almost all friendly , neutral characters can be traded with, have unlimited money with, a trader is defined as a character who has items independent of his own inventory More precisely, a trader has a stock of different items while a non trader only has the items he rs also tend to reside in safe areas
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