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Binary rifle halopedia.

Weapons Archive UNSC Covenant Unconfirmed Jiralhanae Pistol Unconfirmed Halopedia: Pistol M6C SOCOM Image Z 750 Binary Rifle Image* Example

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Binary Rifle Kill is a medal awarded in Halo 4 multiplayer and Spartan Ops for killing an enemy with a Binary Rifle The medal is awarded for both head and body shots.

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The Incineration Cannon Halopedia has an article on The Promethean Glory itself The Mayans with saw this Binary Rifle The Binary Rifle. The Z 750 Special Application Sniper Rifle, more commonly known as the Binary Rifle, is a long range Forerunner weapon appearing in Halo 4 It employs two core.

テンプレート Cleanup Z 750 Special Application Sniper Rifle バイナリーライフルとして知られる はHalo. Gameplay Advantages The Binary Rifle is a weapon of extreme rewards and extreme penalties Boasting more power than other sniper weapons, it is an excellent anti.

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